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    Picvert, an enterprise rooted
    in its product region

    We respect the Earth and our environment, and to do so we produce in in-ground beds,
    preferably in the open air and we do not disinfect our soils.

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    Picvert, the story
    of men and women with a passion

    Day after day, the Picvert team cares for our young shoots and gives them special attention.

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    A Professional Range
    specifically created for the catering industry

    In order to satisfy our customers, we select varieties filled with flavour and design packaging adapted to their professions.

“baby leaves & lamb's lettuce shoots all year round
Welcome to our exceptional regions


Our salads are grown all year round, using good agricultural practices. We place biodiversity on our farms and particularly for the soil at the top of our list of priorities. Our production sites and partner farms are all Globalgap certified.

Our Story…

For Picvert the adventure started in the 90s, when Jacques Deramecourt returned to the farm after completing his agricultural studies with the idea of growing new crops. The first salads were planted, and were aimed at industrialists in the ready-to-use sector.

In 2006, we decided to give added value to our production by marketing part of it on a new segment: ready-to-rinse salads. A packaging unit was built on the farm and a trade network set up.

In 2007, Picvert set up  a farm in southern Portugal in order to meet the demand for an all-year round market presence, .

Currently Picvert represents 4500 T. of salads and over 500 ha of land cultivated.



Tuesday 24 November 2015

We are delighted to announce that our young salad shoots and our lamb’s lettuce/rocket mix won the...

Our Values

Corporate culture is a question of values for Pivert

For several years, Picvert has been regularly expanding and the team has been growing, each season is different, but we have managed to keep our values. They are what gives meaning to the actions of all of those working at Picvert and have been guiding the managing team since the beginning of the Picvert adventure.

Our Professional range

professionAL RANGE

We have been marketing our young shoots to distributors specialized in Fruit and Vegetables for nearly 5 years.


Our Consumer range


Soft, greedy and collected in the hand  


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