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Kristal Picvert
Tuesday 24 November 2015

In order to guarantee our professional clients fresh salads right up to their end customer’s plates, we have created a transparent, reusable lid which avoids our young shoots drying out in the restaurant’s fridge. We have made it transparent (like its tray) to ensure the quality of our poducts and have made it reusable (suitable for dishwasher) because respecting our environment is one of Pivert’s priorities.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

First independent salad producer to have its own microbiology laboratory: Consumers want fresh, beautiful and above all healthy vegetables in order to guarantee better health and food safety. This in-house tool allows us to carry out a large number of tests and obtain results more rapidly than through an external lab. When our salads leave the farm we are certain of the quality we guarantee!



billes de mozarella, salade de mesclun Picvert
Thursday 26 November 2015

Strain the mozzarella balls.

Put the sesame seeds, parsley, poppy seeds and turmeric n separate little plates, .


Our Professional range

professionAL RANGE

We have been marketing our young shoots to distributors specialized in Fruit and Vegetables for nearly 5 years.


Our Consumer range


Soft, greedy and collected in the hand  


Recettes : Separation

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