Nos Valeurs

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Love of the Earth

For Picvert, our farming practices are a blend of modern equipment and good sense. We respect the earth and on a larger scale our environment.  We never disinfect our soils and use crop rotation.

Respect for men and women

Men and women: they are our collaborators, customers, suppliers… the success of an enterprise and consumer-satisfaction are possible thanks to the energy, implication and know-how of our collaborators. In return we  do our best to create good working conditions for them.

Picvert, valeurs humaines
Performance and Innovation

These must be technical, commercial and economic. They have enabled us to invest in efficient means of production and test our innovations, and it will allow us to offer the « salads of the future » and help Picvert to continue expanding !

Our Idea of Service

Customers and consumers have our unwavering attention from seed to plate. To serve them correctly, we have to show our attentiveness, our aptitude to meet their requirements and our capacity to anticipate their expectations at all the stages of production.