1. billes de mozarella, salade de mesclun Picvert
    Billes de mozzarella aromatisées, méli-mélo de mesclun et champignons

    Strain the mozzarella balls.

    Put the sesame seeds, parsley, poppy seeds and turmeric n separate little plates, .

    Roll the 4 balls in each of the condiments, and place on a plate.

    Wash the button mushrooms mince finely.

    Rinse the mesclun in clear water.

    Make the salad dressing (mix together the balsam vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper).

    Divide the mesclun onto the 4 plates.

    Season with two soupspoons of the dressing.

    Add the mushroom strips.


    Recipe created by Chateau de Rilly's Chef Lanotte.

    Pour 4 personnes
    15 min
    • 12 mini mozzarella balls
    • 50 g sesame seeds
    • 50 g flat-leaf parsley
    • 50 g blue poppy seed
    • 50 g turmeric
    • 50 g button mushrooms
    • 400 g mesclun
    • 2 soupspoons balsam vinegar
    • 4 soupspoons olive oil
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • 1 pinch of pepper
    Our Tip
    « You can also replace the olive oil in the dressing with sesame seed oil. »